stellab_selects_055BIOGRAPHY: Stella and Blaise both started modeling at the age of 3. This was never on our radar or anything we planned to do for our children, but we were approached daily asking our kids to model. Their natural blonde curls attracted a lot of attention!! We eventually signed with Osbrink Talent Agency and dove into this modeling/acting and fashion world of kids. The kids enjoy modeling, but they both have many outside interests. Stella and Blaise both LOVE the game of soccer. Stella also has a passion for drawing and Blaise will talk to you for hours about Dinosaurs. They are the Best of Friends and don’t like to spend much time apart from each other. Blaise always runs to Stella after school and gives her the biggest hug. Stella’s the best big sister (2 years apart) that will always protect her little brother!! We love to share behind the scenes videos of the kids modeling to show you a glimpse of the modeling world on our YT channel Stella & Blaise. The kids love making videos and you can really see their silly personalities that will put a smile on your face!! We are very thankful for all the positive support and love from all of our fans/friends!!!

FACTS: Loves to draw, a great joke teller, can hula hoop like no other, a great singer, will ask you a million questions when she first meet you (adult or kid), very articulate, thrill seeker (loves roller coasters, etc).


Print: HM Kids, Converse, Skechers, Next Kids, Go Daddy, Michele Watches, Tommy Hilfiger, Little Edge Threads, Ultra Violet Kids, Zulily,

Commercial: Hersheys, Puracyn, Giftagram, CurlyKids Hair, Michele Watches

TV: The Real (Fashion Show) KTLA (Fashion Show)

Magazine: KidFash Oct 1st 2016 release (Cover photo and story), Essence Magazine, CurlyKids Magazine, BabiekinsMag Nov release 2016, It’s My Hair Magazine